The Importance of Good Sales Leads


An important part of your business plan should be to generate a steady stream of qualified leads. Making sure that leads flow into your "pipeline" will be one of the most vital aspects of your overall business. This will be particularly true if your business is network marketing. You need an abundance of leads constantly flowing in because sales and recruiting is mostly a "numbers game". There are plenty of ways to obtain new leads, depending on your time and resources. Perhaps the most simple method is to buy a list of leads that pertains to your niche. Many firms in fact provide this service, and you can acquire leads pertaining to nearly any topic under the sun, from pets to sports.

Make absolutely certain that you choose a firm with integrity. Make sure you can always call them on the phone. Each individual lead typically costs between 1 and 5 dollars each, depending on variables like freshness of the lead and how many customers are allowed to communicate with the lead. It is possible to buy exclusive leads but they are obviously more expensive and you may be on a budget. Leads will come with a broad spectrum of data for the most part like name, postal address, telephone number (sometimes they provide more than 1 contact number), email address, investment they are willing to spend and their interest level.

A key is to make certain that your leads are from a solid source. Sometimes leads acquired from the world wide web are inferior if there is an incentive of some kind to fill out the form such as a free prize of some sort or the other. This can be the wrong motivation to fill out such a survey and therefore the leads are less than ideal. Their only motivation should be interest in being matched with a home-based business. In addition, note that internet forms are sometimes filled out by children for kicks. This is in fact a severe problem so always find out precisely how the leads are generated. Be certain you know how fresh the leads really are and if you will have exclusive rights to them. Generally a lead should be sold to no more than three other people.

Another option in leads generation is simply networking. Numerous business networking groups and/or organizations exist in just about every major US city. Whether it be through your city or state economic development departments, Chamber of Commerces or private initiatives, the structure is already set in place. And also many local newspapers publish meeting dates for the different interest groups.

You really should be an active participant in these meetings as they can truly help your business. Although networking can really take place anywhere, certain environments are better for building a productive network. Business meetings fall into this category. It may sound like a bit of cliche, but the key with leads is in the follow up and follow thru. Bear in mind that you might need to follow up more than once or twice before closing the deal. After making your initial sales presentation, you need to follow up to answer any questions or objections, then you will be ready to close the deal.


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