3 Ways To Sell and Have Fun Doing It


There are many ways to sell and have fun doing it, but some times we really need to step outside the box and do something a little different if not drastic.

Listed below are the three fun and exciting ways to take that giant leap and start having fun selling your product!

? The Sidewalk Sale
? Supermarkets
? Block Party

The Sidewalk Sale

If you are looking to put a big push on your production and obtain a lot of applications in one day, then the sidewalk sale is the way to go!

Exactly what is the sidewalk sale?

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The sidewalk sale is when you take one full day out of the week, preferably a Friday, because people tend to be more relaxed and receptive, and set up a table on the sidewalk outside of your office and have two to three reps manning it at all times.

Tie balloons to the end of your table to attract attention, and give out freebies such as pens, and post it notes. Also have food available, this will attract people in droves, food such as cookies and lemon aid, or you can really go crazy and have a pop corn machine, or a hot dog griller, these props will definitely attract attention and put people in front of you.

Have lots of literature to hand out, business cards handy, and applications ready for the taking!

Play loud but decent music in the background, and be loud and cheerful, whatever get the attention of the public.

As cheezy as this may all sound, it works, trust me, I've done it! Besides it's a great way to spend your work day, and have fun selling your products!

The Supermarket

The next time you are in your local supermarket, take a good look around. As you walk the aisles, take a good look around. Notice how many people who are not affiliated with the supermarket are selling their product. There are usually two or three. This believe it or not, is a lot!

So why can't you sell your product in the supermarket? What is stopping you? Ask to speak with the manager, and explain that you would like to set up a small table in an out of the way place so that you could sell your product.

Make sure you are prepared to explain yourself clearly, and that your only objective is to offer the customers of the supermarket an added extra convenience!

I must admit, this is a tough go, but if you get your foot in the door, you are golden, I know, I've done it!

The supermarket I set my table up in averaged eighteen thousand customers per week, imagine the potential!

Block Parties

Keep an eye out in your weekly paper, or better yet, those free community papers all towns seem to have that come out weekly or monthly. A lot of times during the spring or summer, towns will have block parties or perhaps they call it a festival.

If you have ever been to one of these festivals, you have noticed that they close down an entire street, usually the one that runs through the heart of town. It is here that all of the vendors flock to sell their products out on the street, or from a booth or table on the sidewalk. There is no reason why you can't jump on this and get involved! All you need are the same props you used for your sidewalk sale. Trust me, this works, I've done it!

There is a down side to this however, and that is, these festivals usually take place on Saturday, and you may be subject to making a donation in order to participate. But hey! It's only once a year, so go for it! You'll have fun. I did!


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