No Regrets


Here's a chilling thought. If you were to die tomorrow, would you have the same two regrets that many business people share?

According to a study, just before people die, if they express any regrets at all, those regrets tend to fall into two categories. The bigger, by far, is regret they didn't do better by other people. Such as, they didn't spend enough quality time with their children. Or they didn't end the feud with their sister. Or they let pass too many opportunities to say "I love you."

The second area is, people regret they didn't try to do something. They regret they chickened out and didn't try to open a restaurant, for example. Or they didn't try to write a book. Or they didn't try being an actor in addition to being an accountant. They looked into the future, got scared, and didn't push ahead to make their dreams come true.

Starting today you can keep it from happening to you. Call someone you have been avoiding. Make a date with your kids -- no matter how old they are -- to do something special with them. If you've been dreaming about changing your career or starting a new business, then today, on your way home, drop into a bookstore and buy two books on your dream subject. It's time for action.

Because of the miracles of modern medicine, the fastest growing demographic is people over 80. The odds are you'll live a long life. Make it a rich and fulfilling life. Starting today, do better by other people and be willing to try more new things. Otherwise, you might live to regret what you didn't do.


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