Refining Your Telephone Prospecting Techniques To Be A Master Closer!


Let me create a picture for you. This is the best way to illustrate my point.

"On a busy street you are approached apologetically by a well-dressed stranger who asks for a dollar to catch a bus and make a phone call. He says he has lost his wallet. What would you think? If approached in the same way by a haggard-looking stranger claiming to be hungry and unable to find a job, what would you think?

When canvassing prospects on the telephone in an effort to ask them to join your organization or close a sale, how do you sound? Do you sound like you are poor and in need of some people to help you earn money..or do you sound like you are prosperous and are looking for people to make prosperous along with you? Analyze you telephone presentation accordingly. If you don't sound prosperous, your prospect will feel it and question your intentions. How can you offer them prosperity if you don't have a taste of it yourself? Good question huh?

You know that old saying "Fake it until you make it"? Well, toss it in the garbage can when it comes to prospecting. In order to sound prosperous, you must feel and think prosperous! You can't fake it! Prosperity is not just a state of existence, it is a frame of mind! People know when you do not have that prosperous state of mind. Most prosperous people are kind of cocky. They exude confidence and take the usage of their time VERY SERIOUSLY! They are very frank, shrewd and they don't ramble off with a lot of talk. In other words, they are experienced screeners, prequalifiers who will quickly tell you that they are not hard up for just anybody to join their organization. In fact, they will tell you, they DON'T want just anybody to join their organization. They only want a streamline team of the best.

Can you say that to yourself when you are making prospecting calls? Can you say to yourself "I'm screening people and I onlywant the best. If this person doesn't fit the bill, I'm going to close the conversation quickly and nicely? Or are you thinking before you make the calls, "Boy, I sure need to make more money with this program, real quick. My bills are due and I hope I canget some people to join before the commission cut of date!" Don't do it guys! Get rid of that "Stinkin Thinkin!" Before you make those calls. Get yourself psyched up or Your prospects will smell you a mile away and close the door before you can make your point!

Moreover, If you are under financial duress, start reprogramming you mind to wealth and success, in order to establish a more permanent prosperous mentality. I've done it, still do it and will continue to do it! In fact, most successful people have "conditioned" themselves into a successful mindset, one way or the other! Try it for yourself sometime! More information about reprogramming yourself to wealth and success can be found at: http://tinyurl. com/5264g or feel free to Notify me.


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