How To Make An Extra $100,000.00 Each Year



McDonalds has added over 200 billion dollars to their sales with their one line "Would you like some drinks or fries with that?"

Sales are made or lost by what is written in your online store. What you say and how you say it determines just how much merchandise is sold in your online business.

If your thank you page simply says thank you and then proceeds to finalise the ordering process you are missing out on some serious money that should be lining your pocket.

Why? Because that person has ALREADY made a decision to buy something that you are selling.

That person already has their credit card ready to make a purchase from you.

That person has already come to the decision that what you are selling will help them in some way.

So to make more money with no extra effort on your part let your customers (note they are not your prospects any longer) come to a positive choice when they go through the order process by assuming that they will incre*se their order by making another positive choice.

For example,

  • Would you like an order of chocolate or vanilla ice cream with your cake" assumes that they will have ice cream already with their cake, they have to choose which flavour.

  • Would you care to order a red or white wine to go with that"?

  • Would you care to order a copy of Autoresponder Magic or Million Dollar Letters at half price"?
All these gives a positive choice. No matter which one the customer picks you win.

These questions are much better than a question that involves a yes/no answer. By of*ering two choices it is generally assumed that the customer will make a choice between the two products on of*er.

What you say in your ads and when interacting with your customers is worth a fortune to you.

But only if you apply what you learn

Wouldn't you like to enjoy a bit of cream on top with a short paragraph on your thank you order page?

Any time an order is placed through your website just add the following line of script?

"Thank you for your order. Because your order is over XXX (be sure to make it just below whatever the minimum order price is so everybody qualifies) you actually qualify for our special of*er".

Then briefly describe the special of*er (whether it be product or service) and the savings and benefits they will receive if they order NOW. Just this one little strategy can easily convert a $17.00 sale into a $30.00 or even $50.00 sale. If you're not using this strategy now I suggest you implement it right now. Leaving it off could cost you a fortune.

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